Inspiring young people especially from minority groups and underserved communities

Omega Galleon is a charitable organisation that works to prevent and reduce poverty particularly in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) as well as impact young people through the provision of leadership trainings and empowerment.

However, beneficiaries are not restricted by any protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, or cultural background from being supported by Omega Galleon.



For every young person


For every young person


For every young person

Recreation Access

For every young person


Who we are

Our programs targets a variety of issues including poverty, quality education, empowerment, and skills acquisition.

Our objective is to support our communities particularly people less fortunate.

The volunteers of Omega Galleon support the less privileged of our society in many ways, empowering people, raising funds for charitable causes through organised runs etc. as well as supporting certain causes in Africa.


The Problem

Underachievement of underprivileged due to:

Lack of access

Low Income Background

Lack of Encouragement and Support

Low Self Esteem and Peer Pressure

Lack of Vision and Direction

Untapped potentials, Skills and Knowledge Gap

Poor Ethics and Values

What we do



Youth Enterprise Development

Educational Support and Scholarships

Community Development

Reward excellence


Causes we care about

Our programs targets a variety of issues including poverty, quality education, empowerment & skills acquisition.


Youth and Adult Empowerment Programs (YAEP)

Omega Galleon makes provision for a variety of free training programs for people in our communities, allowing them to gain employment.

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Omega Soup

We make provision for soup kitchens especially those that also cater for the BAME delicacies and delivering such food parcels of sort to those in care who may need them.

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Events and

We keep an eye out for current relevant socio economic themes in all spheres that affect people but are rarely discussed within academic institutions.

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Educational Support and Scholarship Program

Education is critical in assisting disadvantaged children in achieving their goals, reducing their reliance on low-paying menial occupations, and preventing them from falling into the unemployment trap or crime.

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The London 10km Run

We run for two reasons: first, to enhance the health and well-being of our volunteers, and second, to raise funds for a specific humanitarian project.

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We honour extraordinary people by offering prizes for outstanding community service that improves the lives of people in their own community and beyond. Every year, we honour and encourage at least one young person who is pursuing academic success at a postsecondary institution.

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Help us make more impact!

You can help us make more impact to our communities by donating to our cause.


What beneficiaries say

Our beneficiaries constantly send us messages, here is a few of them.

Thank you omega galleon for the scholarship, the uniforms and the financial aids. My family will forever be grateful.

Olamide E.

I am so grateful to the Omega Galleon for throughout the pandemic they made sure I had weekly groceries to my home in Norwood, as a blind disabled lady living on my own this would have been otherwise very impossible or very expensive to get my Caribbean delicacies to me. I thank them so much.

Michelle T.

As a recent migrant, facing challenges of settling my family in the community, Omega Galleon have assisted me and my family to settle well through the community outreach programs such as family picnics and sports events.

Fasheun D.

Our Partners

Some of our partners that help us continue to make more impacts.

Become A Partner

We are constantly seeking support from individuals and organisations. You can contribute your time, skills, knowledge and funds either through volunteering or donating to our causes. This is an opportunity to create more impact on the lives of people.